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Professional link checker. Checks unlimited number of pages and links. Very fast, fully automated
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21 February 2011

Editor's review

If you have your own site then you might be thinking of conducting check on it to validate if all links are working properly or not. In order to achieve this you may try HTML Link Validator 4.47 which is advance designed check for the broken links on the web server or on your PC. With this software it’s simple to test the broken links easily whether you’re a beginner or an expert webmaster. The software is capable of catching most types of errors and provides detailed report about all the links of a webpage or whole website. It is capable of validating the Netscape Navigator Favorites, Internet Explorer, Internet shortcuts and also the links from the MS Access database. The software validates large number of documents at the same time and supports you with different other functions.

HTML Link Validator 4.47 carries out the validation process with efficiency. You get the interface compiled with features to carry out the validation process smoothly. Select the folders on your local computer through the expandable menu on the left panel and the files are shown listed on the bottom left. The source codes are shown on the middle right of the screen and you can even edit them. Have the tags, URL and status checked for the various pages. It’s effortless to modify and save them to validate the links and pages. Provide the starting address and make the required selections for the validation. The software is capable of generating several types of report; Full Report, Bad Links Report, List of Checked Files Report and Redirected Links Report. Remove the errors and validate the broken links.

HTML Link Validator 4.47 supports validation of broken links with easy to use features. Rated with 4 points you can have the html pages and links authenticated and it also supports marking the files with errors and perform so many other functions.

Publisher's description

HTML Link Validator is a professional tool for checking web pages for broken links, on a web server or on your local computer. Whether a novice or an experienced webmaster, you should always test your web site for broken links. There are many reasons why a link may be broken. The file name may be typed incorrectly, or, as often happens, the resource (file) to which a link refers becomes unavailable. Case errors are also possible. For example, the link to the file "image.gif" while the real filename is "image.GIF". Fortunately, unlike some other validators, HTML Link Validator keeps case awareness in mind. It can catch most types of errors and gives you a full report on all links found in a particular web page or on a whole web site. It validates Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator Favorites, Internet shortcuts, and lists of links; it can also validate links directly from MS Access databases. It can validate thousands of HTML documents at once. When validating pages and sites which are on a web server, anywhere on the Internet, Validator acts as a fully automated, multi-threaded, link-following web spider, and gives you a full report on links found in all scanned files and pages. You need only specify a starting address. If your files are located on your local computer, just double-click on the folder with your HTML files, and Validator will find all HTMLs in this folder and all nested folders, create a file list, mark the files with errors, display links in a convenient format, and allow you to edit them. It can even find and validate all HTMLs on your hard drive at the same time. Several report types are available (List of Bad Links, List of Redirected Links, etc.) in TXT, HTML, or Access format. HTML Link Validator can also create various file lists and find unused (orphaned) files on a web site. Unlike some other validators, HTML Link Validator has no limitation on number of links and pages it can validate.
HTML Link Validator
HTML Link Validator
Version 4.52
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Rachel Valencia
This program worked!!! I did exactly what I wanted it to, quickly, and simply. It didn`t require any fiddling or tweeking. It gave my results quickly and clearly. I love it. It`s rare to find software that works this well. Microsoft could learn a few things from whoever wrote this.
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